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315 Justin Fisher & 83 Sy Harraway

Following incidents at Taunton on 2 April 2017, 83 Sy Harraway lodged a protest against 315 Justin Fisher.

A Disciplinary Hearing was subsequenty convened.

The Committee found Fisher guilty of
Endangering Officials by excess speed in a safe area, which carries a standard penalty, covered by a three month ban from racing.

Fisher has since launched an Appeal, which was heard on 19 May 2017.  The panel thanked Fisher for his honesty, and upheld the Appeal, which thereby allows Fisher to return to racing with immediate effect.


During the course of the Committee's investigations, evidence was presented that Harraway and his family, used:

* Foul and abusive language to a fellow driver
* Aggressive behaviour and threats to a fellow driver

After considering the evidence the Committee found Harraway guilty of these offences and decided that they will all be covered by a six month ban from racing.

Harraway may return to racing on 2 October 2017.

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