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Micro F2 Booking Procedure for 2018

BriSCA F2 will  not be operating a central booking system for Micro F2 Stock Cars in 2018.

For all Micro F2 meetings at Birmingham, Buxton, Stoke, Skegness, Northampton, Mildenhall, Barford, Isle of Man and Holland please book through Claire Holden via the following email or by text on 07801 383899.
Updated bookings lists will feature on the Micro Stock Car facebook page.

Bookings for the following month will be released on the 1st of the month preceding it - i.e. on 1st February bookings can be made for race meetings in March 2018.
Bookings will close for a race meeting 10 days before the event.
Failure to cancel a booking will result in a restriction on bookings for the following month.

For race meetings overseas such as Isle of Man and Holland bookings can be made at any time.

If you wish to book for meetings with Autospeed (St Day, Taunton) then please click here

If you wish to book in for meetings at Cowdenbeath you can via the link here or by phoning 01506 410996 (leave a message before 9pm).

If you wish to book in for meetings at Crimond you can via

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