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Micro F2 Technical Update - Engines

BriSCA F2 can confirm that the next batch of Micro Stock Car PD170 Engines (sealed, correct jets, spark plug, etc) will be £370 including VAT. The cost of these engines has reduced from the last batch, owing to a better initial cost price for buying a larger quantity.

If you wish to reserve an engine from this latest batch we require a minimum £100 deposit being paid before 20 July 2018 to confirm your order in this batch.

This can be paid through Paypal and sending it to, bank transfer to Autospeed 30-99-51 A/c 02538610 or through the online shop at

You may also pay the full amount of £370 to guarantee your engine in this batch.

Please note that carriage will have to be paid on top at £17.95 if we are unable to arrange collection at a race meeting.

Please note that we do not expect to have another batch of engines until the winter 2018/19.

  • ALL new engines are supplied through BriSCA F2 only, you are not permitted to use an engine supplied through any other source.
  • If an engine has one or more seals incomplete it will not be resealed or dyno tested for further use, and will not be permitted to be re-used and deemed to be scrap (the engine will then be removed as a registered engine).  Engine owners are not permitted to remove any seals at any time.
  • A seal can only be removed and replaced in the presence of an authorised BriSCA F2 Promoter/Scrutineer or BriSCA F2’s appointed engine consultant Ian Higgins. (It is the engine owner’s responsibility to take the engine to one of these people and their own expense.)
  • The only entity permitted to do any work on an engine is BriSCA F2 Engine consultant Ian Higgins at 390 Dyno Services.
  • There is a minimum charge of £60 inc VAT to strip an engine, regardless of if any work is carried out.
  • Engine freshen up £210 inc VAT - To consist of: Strip engine, check parts, hone and clean block, de-coke head, lap valves, clean crank, clean all parts, fit new rings, full gasket set and rebuild.
  • Engine Rebuild as above plus new piston and rod - £270 inc VAT.
  • Engine Rebuild as above plus new crank - £330 inc VAT.
  • Following any of the above work ALL engines will need to be re-dyno tested and sealed which is £95 inc VAT.
  • Reminder that any technical infringement incurs a standard ORCi six months suspension, this includes but not limited to tampering with air filter, non standard fitment of spark plug, etc.
  • 390 Dyno services will not do any work on any Micro F2 engines without a Purchase Order number from BriSCA Micro F2.
  • CARBURETTORS - must be bought through BriSCA F2. All carbs supplied by BriSCA Micro F2 have had the jets/emulsion tubes changed, and all jets/carbs are numbered and logged.

BriSCA F2 has a register of all engines issued to each driver. It is proposed for 2019 that each Micro F2 Stock Car is  only permitted a maximum of three engine changes during the season.  It is the owner’s responsibility to inform BriSCA F2 of any change prior to the start of a meeting so a note can be made on their database. Therefore only a maximum of three engines are permitted to be registered with each car

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