2017 Fixtures

The loss of Coventry has triggered an assortment of changes and amendments to the BriSCA F2 fixture list.

The fixture list will be amended as follows:

11 March Remove Coventry WoS, Add Stoke WoS (5.00pm)
22 April Remove Coventry WoS
30 April Remove Northampton
27 May Remove Kings Lynn
4 June Remove Sheffield QR/WoS
17 June Remove Coventry QR
2 July Add Sheffield QR/WoS (12.30pm)
19 August Remove Coventry
2 September Add Kings Lynn (5.30pm)
8 September Remove Coventry Cons SF
9 September Remove Coventry WF, Add Kings Lynn WF / Cons SF
10 September Remove Stoke, Add Kings Lynn
7 October Add Grand National Championship to the meeting at Cowdenbeath
21 October Remove Coventry
29 October Remove Grand National Championship from the meeting at Northampton
11 November Remove Coventry NS Final
12 November Add Belle Vue NS Final (3.30pm)

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