2017 Gala Night - Final Update


Tomorrow sees the 2017 season come to end BriSCA wise, apart from Christmas events (F2s at Kings Lynn and F1s at Stoke).

BIRMINGHAM WHEELS hosts The GALA NIGHT SPECTACULAR - Bigger, better than ever.

OVER 50 F2's, with some tweaks, Gala Championship AND big LAST RACE, plus the most lucrative Dave Leonard Memorial Under 25's race for F1s which tops £6k in funding of prize money and goodies - 68 F1's, 73 drivers - A very special tribute to Rob Cowley who will be counting his final laps - and to think that both these formulae are 'dead' hmmh!

Also, there is the irrepressible National Ministox Gladiators!

Forget your bias, wrap up warm and get yourself down to the BIGGEST GALA NIGHT YET!

Saturday 17th November, starting at 4.45.pm wheels on the Wheels track!

You will be genuinely sorry if you miss this great social occasion and eclectic mix of drivers and fans!

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