2017 National Series - Final Round


FINAL ROUND – BELLE VUE Sunday 12 November

The final round of this year’s National Series for the F2s – to decide who shall wear the silver roof for season 2018 – takes place at Belle Vue, Manchester this Sunday, 12th November.

For this round, for the purposes of deciding the outcome of the series, National Series drivers will score double points; i.e. 20 points for a heat win and 40 points for a final win.

The fifteen National Series drivers are allocated to the two heats as follows (with their current NS points totals shown in brackets):

Heat 1 Heat 2

7   Gordon Moodie             (193pts)                      38  Dave Polley                   (149pts)

101 Kelvyn Marshall           (141pts)                     560 Luke Wrench                (137pts)

606 Andrew Palmer             (118pts)                    905 Rob Mitchell                  (114pts)

527 James Riggall               (91pts)                      618 Ben Lockwood              (78pts)

184 Aaron Vaight                 (76pts)                      488 Liam Bentham              (61pts)

581 Dan Fallows                  (60pts)                      615 Josh Coleman              (56pts)

700 Adam Rubery                (50pts)                      817 Tim Bailey                      (26pts)

142 Jonathan Hadfield       (1pt)


The supporting drivers have been split into two groups, as follows:

Group A Group B

135 Shaun Taylor                            229 Scott Hartley

204 Stuart Jackson                          338 Warren Brocksopp

249 Billy Robinson                          416 Chris Yeates

381 Josh Caine                                669 John Hindley

533 John Whittaker                         735 Mick Haworth

680 Jay Thompson                          894 Tom Bradley

746 Gary Kitching


158 Will Clement                             388 Ian Mallinson

282 Ant Riley                                   464 Matt Linfield


59 Lee Dimmick                             136 Kyle Taylor

219 Chris Mitchell                           187 Pete McCallum

318 Leyton O’Reilly                         578 Mark Gibbs

504 Matt Everard                             728 Carl Pilkington


225 Tony Blackburn 298 Jake Walker

226 Billy Webster                             761 Richard Bowyer

H281 Danny van Spijker                  823 Sam Wagner

377 Daz Shaw                                  995 Michael Lund


To decide which of the above groups will race in which heat, a coin toss will be carried out by the National Series points leader – 7 Gordon Moodie – on track at 3.15 pm on Sunday.

So it will not be known which group number 7, and all the other NS drivers, will be racing with until the toss of the coin.

“Heads” will see Group A race in Heat 1; “Tails” will see Group A race in Heat 2.

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