2017 National Series

The inaugural Formula 2 National Series – the competition that will decide who will be wearing the silver roof in 2018 – commences on 23 September.

Fifteen drivers will take part in eleven rounds – five on shale and six on tarmac – the final round being on the shale at Belle Vue on Sunday 12 November.

As each of F2’s championships has taken place throughout the season, the winners have earned an invitation to the National Series.  To those have been added the top two finishers in the World Qualifying points table; the top two points scorers on shale (up to 20 August) and the top three points scorers in the September grading list (other than those who are already included by virtue of having won a championship).

With just two qualifying championships left to be decided, the drivers who have already earned an invitation to take part in the National Series are as follows:

615 Josh Coleman            English Open Champion - ACCEPTED

647 Chris Burgoyne          Scottish Champion (withdrawn)

7 Gordon Moodie              Benevolent Fund Champion - ACCEPTED

16 Craig Wallace               British Champion - REJECTED

154 Mike Green                European Champion - REJECTED

488 Liam Bentham            World Qualifying pts – First - ACCEPTED

7 Gordon Moodie              World Qualifying pts – Second

38 Dave Polley                  Nationals Champion - ACCEPTED

226 Billy Webster              Shale pts – First - REJECTED

905 Rob Mitchell               Shale pts – Second - ACCEPTED

629 Euan Millar                 National Points - REJECTED

854 Robbie Dawson          National Points - REJECTED

527 James Riggall             National Points - ACCEPTED

H124 Wim Peeters             World Champion - INELIGIBLE DUE TO INSUFFICIENT APPEARANCES

225 Tony Blackburn             World of Shale Champion - REJECTED


647 Chris Burgoyne has had to withdraw owing to injury and 7 Gordon Moodie has qualified twice, opening the way for two further places from the September grading list.  These are:

101 Kelvyn Marshall          National Points - ACCEPTED

560 Luke Wrench              National Points - ACCEPTED

Should either/both the World Champion and the World of Shale Champion already have qualified via another championship, or should any of the above drivers decline their invitation to take part, further reserves (taken in points order from the September grading list) will receive an invitation.  The first five reserves, in order, are:

618 Ben Lockwood - ACCEPTED

127 Matt Stoneman - REJECTED

700 Adam Rubery - ACCEPTED

606 Andrew Palmer - ACCEPTED

817 Tim Bailey - ACCEPTED

652 Steve Forster - REJECTED

581 Dan Fallows - ACCEPTED

41 Dennis Middler - REJECTED

142 Jonathan Hadfield - ACCEPTED

184 Aaron Vaight - ACCEPTED

Any driver accepting his place in the National Series must commit to doing a minimum of 8 rounds (other than for exceptional circumstances) in order to qualify for National Series start money of £40 per round.  Start money is totalled up and becomes payable at the end of the competition.

At the start of the National Series (23 September), the 15 seeded entrants will be assigned the grade of superstar for each of the 11 rounds.

Any superstar graded driver who is not a seeded entrant will be demoted to the grade of star for each of the 11 rounds.

The seeded drivers will score National Points at each of the rounds.  These will be compiled in a separate table solely for the fifteen drivers in the National Series.  The driver with the most points after Round 11 will be the National Series winner and will earn the right to wear the silver roof during season 2018.

2017 National Series

Round 1       23 September         King’s Lynn

Round 2       24 September         Mildenhall

Round 3       30 September         Taunton

Round 4         1 October             Bristol

Round 5       14 October             Stoke

Round 6       15 October             Belle Vue

Round 7       21 October             Cowdenbeath

Round 8       22 October             Barford

Round 9       28 October             Birmingham

Round 10      29 October             Northampton

Round 11      12 November          Belle Vue

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