2018 Championship Dates

Dates for BriSCA F2 Championship events in 2018

World   Bristol   8/9 September
Semis   Barford 5 August
British   Mildenhall 7 April
World of Shale   Stoke   25 August
European   Northampton   28/29 July
Ben Fund   Taunton 20 May
F2 Challenge   Nutts Corner  10 June
Grand National   TBC
F2 Nationals   Cowdenbeath 2 September
English Open   Buxton 8 July
Scottish   Cowdenbeath   2 June
Irish Open   Ballymena 9 June

Other significant events in 2018

UK Speedweekend   Skegness   14/15 July
First World QR   Kings Lynn   3 March
Last World QR   Skegness   19 July

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