2018 National Series

Following the remarkable success of the inaugural National Series in 2017, the competition will be repeated in 2018 with a very similar format.

Fixture planning in short oval racing is a complex subject, and what may appear to work well for a particular formula may not be logistically possible because of constraints that may not be instantly obvious to followers of that formula.  However, BriSCA F2 promoters have again tried to embrace one of the strong positive foundations of the 2017 series to stage, where possible, two rounds of the National Series on the same surface, over the course of a weekend of racing.

The qualifying process for the National Series is still to be finalised, but the full list of dates for the National Series is as follows:


Round 1        Friday 14 September              Skegness

Round 2        Sunday 16 September            Northampton

Round 3        Saturday 29 September          Taunton

Round 4        Sunday 30 September             Bristol

Round 5        Sunday 7 October                   Sheffield

Round 6        Saturday 20 October               King’s Lynn

Round 7        Sunday 21 October                  Mildenhall

Round 8        Saturday 3 November              Cowdenbeath

Round 9        Sunday 4 November                Barford

Round 10      Saturday 10 November           Stoke (Note: this round has been omitted from the printed National Fixtures List)

Round 11      Sunday 11 November              Belle Vue

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