2019 English Open Championship

Lets make this the biggest & best!The 2019 ENGLISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP at Manchester's BELLE VUE Sunday 30th June at 3.30.pm for BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

First, we all know the challenge we face is saving the old girl from the developers, it has consumed oxygen 24/7 since January and reality, if we do not win this fight, 2019 could be the final year to race there - we have done all we can legally and support wise and it remains a waiting game whilst we now await further developments. On the plus side - we ARE talking with the GRA about 2020, business as usual IF we beat this and some Saturday night racing and possibly one in 2019 in September. But loads and if's buts and maybe'sBeing fair to the stadium and working together, all the accumulated rubbish is now cleared - a positive!

We also LOVEF2 and with 2019 the 21st Anniversary of the Vue with F2's right from the beginning in 1999, it has a good run, longer than some, eg Nelson 1967 - 1979 RIP!We want to celebrate the BriSCA 65th ANNIVERSARY YEAR PLUS 21 years of BELLE VUE with the best we can do F2 wise!

So, we urge your support and we are looking for 50+ cars and if we get them, we we uplift the Final to win money! There is a challenge!

Please support this if you can so we can have the full format English - and alongside are BriSCA F1 World Qualifier and the old Barnstormer/ Golden Years Heritage

Thank you for those who have already booked in, jog on let's keep them coming! please!

36 already - don't miss it, let's make it over 50!!!!


12 Daniel Ford

26 Gary Ford

53 Phillip Mann

55  Courtney Finnikin

59  Lee Dimmick

130 Emma Ford

142 Jonathan Hadfield

148 Andy Robinson

182 Jack White

186 Alex Daniels

202 Will Knight

210 Tristan Claydon

212 Jak Hall

219 Chris Mitchell

235 Bradley Blyth

282 Ant Riley

298 Jake Walker

363 Jack Sharratt

377 Daz Shaw

524 Michael Wallbank

533 John Whittaker

560 Luke Wrench

578 Mark Giibs

606 Andrew Palmer

647 Chris Burgoyne

728 Carl Pilkington

735 Michael Haworth

768 Jack Thompson

770 Jay Lamb

788 Stephen Mallinson

905 Rob Mitchell

942 Gareth Hamar

968 Mickey Brennan

977 Dave Massey

987 Sam Brigg

995 Michael Lund

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