2020 Grand National Championship

The meeting planned for Sunday 18 October at Taunton has been postponed and moved on by one week to Sunday 25 October.

This change has the benefit of leaving the F2 date at Hednesford on 18 October as a solus fixture, which should increase the number of drivers interested in racing at that event.

Furthermore, as 25 October is currently a vacant date for F2s, it gives drivers an additional opportunity to race.

A feature of the 25 October date at Taunton will be the 49th Annual staging of the Grand National championship.  This will be the fourth time that the Smeatharpe track has hosted the event, the most recent being 38 years ago in 1982, when 516 Norman Butcher lifted the title.

The grid for the GNC will see cars line up in points order, highest points scorer taking pole position and the last chance to score Grand National points prior to the event will be at Hednesford on Sunday 18 October.

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