Belle Vue - 11 November


Urgent, below is the entry list for the National Series Finale at Belle Vue Sunday 11th – Firstly, let me thank you ALL for your support, particularly the last 2 Belle Vue meetings, last Friday and yesterday where the car count and the racing was top drawer – THANK YOU, we want to accommodate and welcome as many as possible for Sunday’s finale so F2 has a great season finish. PLEASE if I have missed anyone off the list as it’s been busy, let me know anyone else, welcome but if possible could you book in by tomorrow afternoon as programme deadline is tomorrow night – you can still book in after that.

CONFIRMED ENTRY AS AT Monday 5th November - 38

7 Gordon Moodie

12 Danny Ford

13 Gary Ford

59 Lee Dimmick

66 John Hindley

101 kelvyn Marshall

136 Kyle Taylor

142 Jonathan Hadfield

147 Arron Crowder

148 Andy Robinson

184 Aaron Vaight

210 Tristan Claydon

212 Jak Hall

219 Chris Mitchell

226 Billy Webster

282 Ant Riley

298 Jake Walker

344 Luke Woodhull

377 Daz Shaw

381 Josh Caine

382 Amy Duckett

464 Matt Linfield

524 Michael Wallbank

533 Jonny Whittaker

560 Luke Wrench

647 Chris Burgoyne

700 Adam Rubery

708 Liam Hartley

735 Mick Haworth

755 Stuart Simpson

823 Sam Wagner

850 Blair Anderson

852 Adam Blacklock

968 Mickey Brennan

905 Rob Mitchell

977 Dave Massey

987 Sam Brigg

995 Michael Lund

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