BriSCA F2 and BDF Meeting

BriSCA F2 promoters and driver representatives met once again on Tuesday 16 May in Birmingham. The meeting was well supported by drivers and promoters with an emphasis on continuing the excellent work of 2016 and airing possible rule amendments for 2018 with an aim once again to have proposals agreed once again for notification in September.  The aim is to allow plenty of time for preparation.

Much of the discussion surrounded how to improve the spectacle of F2 racing for spectators and the enjoyment perspective for drivers.

Season 2017 has had an encouraging start on both surfaces and the meeting focused on looking at where we take the sport in future years particularly on tarmac and returning the spectacle of exciting and unpredictable racing. The Chief Technical Consultant, Adrian Blackwell, will in due course produce proposals and agreed points.

Driver registrations are also encouragingly up at this point of the season with new and returning drivers  The meeting concluded with considerable optimism and enthusiasm to shape the formula going forward and some innovative ideas.


Shale Drivers only meeting on tarmac!

Following on from discussion and ideas from the BDF meeting, a one-off experiment has been agreed offering shale drivers the opportunity to race at Skegness on Saturday 17 June - which was originally a date planned for Coventry.

The purpose of the event is to encourage more shale drivers to try tarmac and compete against similar cars.

Sunday 18 June features a normal fixtures F2 event and those drivers who race on the extra date on the Saturday, are obviously very welcome to stop over and get two meetings for one trip to the east coast.

It is also felt that this will offer a good opportunity for feedback from the experience and learn what can be done to make dual surface more attractive. There will be fine tuning points to the event's structure and further details will be announced in the coming days.

In essence, drivers will be permitted to race cars which they have regularly used at shale venues - for example, how interesting would it be if all of the 36 cars that gridded in the World qualifying round final at Stoke on 13 May, were to grid again on the tarmac at Skegness on 17 June?  The regular shale track drivers will have the opportunity to race their usual cars, with the same drivers they usually race with, in a period when there is a paucity of shale fixtures.

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