Brisca F2 Skegness Stadium Series

Skegness Stadium is delighted to announce a fantastic season long series for Brisca F2 Stock Cars, which will start at the next meeting on the 19th March.

Superb Sponsorship from RS Motorsports and ICB Motorsport, means the total prize fund will amount to an impressive £3000. There will be no one off race, and the prize winners will be based purely on their standings in the points chart.

Points will be scored as per National points for every meeting at Skegness from the 19th March onwards, but with the following grade multiplication system.

White Grade Points will be x4

Yellow Grade points will be x3

Blue Grade points will be x2

Red Grade & Superstar will be x1.

Drivers will also receive 5 attendance points for each meeting they race at. The top 3 drivers after our final meeting on 5th November will receive:

Winner £1000

Runner up £600

3rd Place £400.

There will also be Grade awards to the top White, Yellow, Blue, and Red/Superstar who finish outside the top 3 places overall, and these drivers will receive £200 each (in other words, the top 3 in the points are not eligible to win grade awards). Drivers are only eligible to win one grade award, and it is the Grade you hold at the time of your first appearance in the series. Any grade changes will be as per the multiplication system, but you will still score for your original Grade award.

One final award for a further £200 will be the Sponsors choice award. This will go to a driver who has failed to win any of the afore mentioned awards, but the sponsors feel have put a great deal into the series, and have perhaps, just fallen short of taking one of the prizes. That decision will rest with our sponsors, RS Motorsports & ICB Motorsports, and once again we thank them for their invaluable support.

All that remains is to wish all F2 drivers the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing you at Skegness in 2017.

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