Crimond Bookings

At 4pm on Saturday 26th June, Crimond Raceway, with headline sponsorship from Overton Garage, Ellon, will hold their biggest ever BriSCA FII event when the BriSCA Challenge Trophy is contested alongside the track's 2021 World Championship Qualifying Round. Additional Sponsorship for Grade Awards has also been secured for the top scoring White, Yellow and Blue graders across all races (including GN) making this the biggest prize fund ever offered to FIIs at Crimond Raceway alongside some stunning trophies.

With the Racewall running their WQR plus the Scottish Championship the following day, this offers the perfect opportunity for FII Drivers, and fans alike, to visit BriSCAs Northern outpost as they celebrate 50 (+1) years of racing at the Aberdeenshire Circuit.

To assist the promotion with planning the event, drivers are asked to book in by texting their race number and name to 07538 153534 or by emailing as soon as possible.


Advanced Discount Spectator tickets will be available at from Monday 14th June. Contact the promotion for details of special deals at local hotels.

Drivers booked in up to 11am on 11th June are;

34 cars

3    Liam Rennie
4    Martin Ford
7    Gordon Moodie
13    Andy Ford
16    Craig Wallace
17    Paul Reid
78    Henry King
86    Jess Ward
182    Jack White
184    Aaron Vaight
191    Colin Stewart
195    Mike Philip
236    Daniel Scrimgeour
237    Raffaele Donofrio
251    Craig Driscoll
263    Dean McGill
343    Stuart Yule
387    Jason McDonald
419    Ryan Farquhar
444    Mark Taylor
480    Garry Sime
527    James Riggall
629    Euan Millar
647    Chris Burgoyne
652    Stephen Forster
674    Steven Burgoyne
721    Graham Kelly
746    Gary Kitching
776    Daniel Roots
779    Scott Paterson
854    Robbie Dawson
903    Ben Spence
915    Jamie Jones
922    Peter Davidson

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