Distributor, Coil & Ignition

BriSCA F2 Stock Car drivers using the Ford 2 Litre Pinto engine are advised to pay particular attention to the rules in section 231.16 of the rulebook, “Distributor, Coil & Ignition”, to ensure compliance with them.

During pre-meeting inspection carried out at the British Championship at Mildenhall on 7 April, observations were made that raised some issues in relation to these regulations. BriSCA F2 would like to thank all drivers who co-operated with requests and recommendations made by the team of Scrutineers at the event.

A number of components have been provided by drivers to enable further investigative work to be carried out; the results of which will be available soon.

In the meantime, drivers racing this weekend at Birmingham (14 April) and Hednesford (15 April) are given advance notice that the Chief Technical Consultant, Adrian Blackwell, will be seeking to survey and collate details about all ignition coils being used. This process may require the temporary removal of coils from cars in order to record their details if not easily visible in their installed position. Driver representatives from the BDF have offered their assistance in this process where required, and all drivers are asked for their cooperation.

BriSCA F2 is keen to stress there is no suspicion, or inference of cheating.  The process of collecting the information is to help form a clearer picture of which components are in use, and whether further clarification of the rulebook would be beneficial to BriSCA F2 Stock Car racing.

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