Dry Ignition Coil – Limited Usage Trial

2.0-litre Ford Pinto Engine

Dry Ignition Coil – Limited Usage Trial Extension

Version 2.0 (Published) – Updated 2 August 2019

Document compiled on         Adrian Blackwell

behalf of BriSCA F2 by:         BriSCA F2 Chief Technical Consultant

Trial extended to the end of the 2019 racing season

A small number of drivers have reported that using a dry ignition coil with the mandated BriSCA F2 2.0-litre Ford Pinto Rev. Limiter, on a car on a rolling road, has helped them determine the cause of misfire issues being experienced.

The use of a dry coil can help determine if the issue lies with the engine, fuel system, or electrical components, by way of masking existing electrical interference issues from a component such as the distributor, amplifier or earth.

Following these tests, BriSCA F2 has been asked to permit other drivers to TEMPORARILY use such ignition coils under racing conditions to help them narrow down or identify the source of their particular issue.

BriSCA F2 has agreed to a limited trial usage of such coils, subject to the following…

  • The use of any such dry ignition coil is a TEMPORARY measure only, on a meeting by meeting basis, up to the end of the 2019 season.
  • Once the source of the issue has been determined (engine, fuel, or electrical), then a standard wet coil, as mandated in the 2019 Technical Car Construction Regulations must be re-fitted and the source of the fault rectified.
  • Any TRIAL ignition coil …
    • MUST be a standard performance aftermarket replacement dry coil that DIRECTLY cross-references to the original Ford 2.0-litre SOHC NE (Pinto) item (e.g. FINIS 6 077 429 / part No. 79BB-12024-AA).
    • MUST be freely available over the counter from high-street or trade motor factors
    • Must NOT introduce any performance enhancements above and beyond the original standard Ford design specification
    • Must NOT be a performance enhanced product, such as coils designed for “Cosworth” models
  • Permissible dry coils include the following, which both directly cross reference to the Ford item:
    Facet                      -  9.6069
    Lucas                     -  DLB125
  • The part number of ANY fitted cross-referenced aftermarket replacement dry coil MUST be clearly visible to the scrutineer or other appointed BriSCA F2 official.
  • OMEX have not tested dry ignition coils with the rev. limiter, therefore their use is at drivers' own risk.
  • Dry ignition coil use is ONLY for diagnostic purposes: it is NOT a permanent solution for other faults.

  • Information will be gathered from drivers, which, in addition to attempting to resolve any misfire issues, will be fed in to the process of defining a list of approved ignition coils for use from 2020 onwards, as stated in the 2019 Car Construction Regulations book.

    Note: The above requirements/information may be revised in the future, following feedback and observations made at race meetings taking place across the country.

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