Micro Stock Cars Update - Season 2017

To enable the successful management of the formula in ensuring that bookings, wherever possible, are not restricted and that there is no requirement to run more than “all-in” races the following will now apply.

For season 2017 the only cars/drivers that are permitted to compete at all UK mainland race meetings are those that are fully registered with the current driver’s name/car chassis vin plate number, and registered with BriSCA F2 in England/Scotland by 6 March 2017.

In addition those cars awaiting completion, which have been ordered directly through BriSCA F2 are also permitted to compete in 2017.

It has always been the intention that Micro Stock Cars which have been registered with BriSCA F2, but based in Northern Ireland are for competition in Northern Ireland.  However, as per 2016, these cars may compete at certain UK mainland race meetings with prior approval; when bookings permit and on the understanding that the cars meet the current Technical Specifications as published by BriSCA F2 and drivers have completed the necessary licence procedures and protocols.

No further cars manufactured in Northern Ireland (new or secondhand) are permitted to be registered for general use in England/Scotland.



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