Motorsport With Attitude Show 2020

The 2020 Motorsport With Attitude Show is set to take place over the weekend of 1 & 2 February at the East of England Arena, Peterborough.

After the success of the inaugural show in 2019, the organisers are very enthusiastic about the upcoming MWA Show which is set to offer a fantastic introduction into the new season of short oval racing in the UK and beyond.

Further details can be found at the MWA website - click here to access.

12 BriSCA F2s are required for Demos in the Live Action Arena.

There is unlimited space for display cars within the Arena, Hall of Champions, Pavilion Hall and five garages as well as on the showground.

All drivers displaying a car or taking part in the demos get a free weekend pass.

BriSCA F2 drivers wishing to exhibit cars at the show - new cars, rebuilds or cars that have just had a tidy up - are invited to click
here to book direct, but are reminded that they need to be in possession of their 2020 BriSCA F2 licence.

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