Prop-Shaft Covers

Further to the "Technical Car Construction Regulations Update and Changes for 2020" document, published in mid December, a small number of drivers have asked for a little more clarity regarding the prop-shaft cover requirements for 2020.

For clarity...

  • A mandatory prop-shaft cover will be required on all cars where the rear of the gearbox / tail-shaft housing terminates in front of the front edge of the driver's seat (the same requirement as for a second prop-shaft retention hoop).
  • If the gearbox / tail-shaft housing terminates behind the front edge of the driver's seat, a tunnel is NOT a mandatory requirement.
  • The 2019 "Venray-only" regulation, 219.5.8, is effectively being extended to apply at all tracks.
  • The 2019 regulation (219.5.8) will be modified slightly for 2020 to mandate a minimum thickness of 1mm for the metal cover.
  • Any cover must be mounted underneath any mandated prop-shaft retention hoop(s) for ease of scrutineering (i.e. so a scrutineer can see both the hoop and the cover without having to crawl under the car.
  • If a tunnel is constructed from 3mm steel plate, then the second prop-shaft hoop is not required (as per 2019 regulations 219.5.3 / 5 / 6).


Adrian Blackwell
BriSCA F2 Chief Technical Consultant

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