Technical - Brakes Safety Changes

Brake System Safety Changes

Following a review by promoters at their January meeting, and exacerbated by a recent incident in another oval formula, it is necessary to make an immediate change to the brake system regulations on safety grounds.

(1) Material Removal

The removal of material from the following brake system components' original design (for example by drilling, grinding, or cutting) is NOT permitted:

... (a) Brake Calipers

... (b) Brake Caliper Carriers

(2) Disc Size

The maximum permitted brake disc size is 240mm

While BriSCA F2 recognises the timing of this change is not ideal, the safety implications cannot be ignored and therefore the change must be implemented with immediate effect.


Brake System Review

BriSCA F2 intends to further review the entire braking system with interested parties over the coming months for cost/simplicity improvements (with proposals received such as symmetry across axles and the reintroduction of multiple bias adjustment advices), but any non-urgent changes would not be implemented until 2024.

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