Venray World Cup 2018

Raceway Venray have produced a document of important and useful information for all UK drivers intending to race at their F2 World Cup weekend, 18th/19th August 2018.

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Drivers intending to race, but who have not yet booked-in, should contact Raceway Venray as soon as possible.

Drivers are reminded that for BriSCA F2 insurance cover to apply while racing in the Netherlands, they must complete a form and pay the £10 fee through the BriSCA F2 Secretary (Graham Bunter).

Finally, drivers are reminded of a number of specific rules applying at Raceway Venray (as detailed in the 2018 BriSCA F2 Car Construction Regulations:

  • ALL cars MUST run a metal cover over the prop-shaft to prevent clothing from being caught and causing injury. This is in addition to the standard prop-shaft hoop rules. (Rule 219.5.8)
  • The use of ANY coolant or water additive is NOT permitted at Raceway Venray. (Rule 221.2.1)
  • The use of ANY fuel additive is NOT permitted at Raceway Venray. (Rule 222.4.4)
  • All cars MUST comply with the local noise level regulations - see document for further details.
  • Flame retardant underwear, socks, and boots MUST be used in addition to the mandatory suit, balaclava, and gloves.

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