World Championship Bookings

On Monday 7 August, bookings opened for the World Championship at Kings Lynn on 9 September.
It is important to note that this event is promoted by Autospeed.

Bookings can be applied for via the Autospeed website - click here to access the online booking form.

Pit space dictates that bookings will be limited.

Drivers will fall into one of the following categories:
World Finalists (mainland UK)
World Finalists (overseas)
Consolation Semi Finalists have until Monday 21 August to confirm their place.
Support heat drivers (mainland UK)
Confirmed 431, 706 - both raced Good Friday at Nothampton; 236 - raced 19/20 August at Cowdenbeath (see below)
Pending 12, 26, 73, 81, 88, 103, 113, 131, 158, 176, 235, 252, 277, 376, 533, 599, 623, 630, 662, 682, 724, 732, 735, 770, 788, 908
Support heat drivers (overseas)

The number of Consolation Semi Finalists will have a direct bearing on how many drivers can be considered for the Support heat.

As repeatedly detailed in the Drivers' Newsletters, priority of bookings for mainland UK drivers in the Support heat will be given to those drivers who have supported the following Autospeed events in 2017 (listed in chronological order):
Fri 14 April           Northampton
Sun 18 June        St Day (World QR)
Tue 20 June        Taunton (World QR)
Sat 19 August     Cowdenbeath (Mac 100 Trophy)
Sun 20 August    Cowdenbeath (F2 Nationals)

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