Zetec Engine Clutch Weights

BriSCA F2 and the SSCA have been made aware of the possibility of some Zetec clutches sourced from Burton Power not meeting the 4.0Kg minimum pressure plate weight requirement (regulation 233.19.11). A small number of such clutches have been checked (in the workshop, not at a race meeting) and found to be several hundred grams under the minimum requirement.

The minimum 4.0Kg weight requirement (for the bare clutch pressure plate unit) was set following extensive research and weighing of a large number of the most widely available “over the counter” standard clutches from major manufacturers (e.g. Borg & Beck, LUK, QH, etc.). All the common standard clutches easily exceeded the set minimum weight requirement when tested, and their use (as opposed to performance components) is aimed at keeping costs down.

Neither BriSCA F2, nor the SSCA, are seeking to catch out drivers, or issue racing suspensions, for what may be an honest mistake. However… as this issue has now come to light, drivers are advised to check their clutches or consult their engine-builder if in any doubt about their conformance to the regulations, prior to forthcoming championships where such items may be inspected/weighed during post-race technical checks.


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