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Adverts are FREE for current licenced BriSCA F2 drivers (any advert considered to be commerical may be chargeable) and BriSCA F2 Partners, all other non trade adverts are just £5, trade advert are £30, adverts are listed for 4 weeks - to place an advert contact Paul Brown  ( please note: wording for the advert needs to be in plain text and in 1 font and black on white. Also if your sending a photo please ensure it isn't copyright protected. Thanks.

Official Oval Racing Shop

  • 04/05 - 2014 TMR raced 2 meetings since new

    Choice of evolution or Lyndale engine
    Transx gear box
    3.5 slipper diff
    Simpson stainless steel exhaust
    Light weight ultra shield containment seat
    13 front wheels
    6 rear wheels(no damage,some new)
    Front bumper
    Wish bones
    Bottom arms
    Tie bars
    Brake discs

    Price: £7000 ono | Contact: Tam 07711501661

  • 26/04 - Items for sale

    3.89 Dif:  £90
    4.1 Dif:  £135
    Escort Half Shafts:  £25 each
    Escort Axle Casings:  £20 each
    Fiesta 5.5'' x 13'' Alloys:  £40 each
    Cortina 5.5'' x 13'' Alloys:  £40 each
    Tran-X Box with Alloy Bellhousing, Quickshift and Prop Shaft:  £650
    Morris Steering Racks:  £45 each
    Simpson Exhaust with BriSCA Silencer:  £225
    AMB Transponder:  £225
    Re-cored Taxi Radiator:  £70
    Cortina 4 Speed Box (Standard Core Unit):  £150
    Pinto Engine (Standard Core Unit):  £160
    13'' Joes Lightweight Steering Wheel:  £35
    Gaz Shocker (Brand New Unused, 12'' closed, 16'' inch open):  £90

    Price: as listed | Contact: Call 07930 172937

  • 26/04 - Hcd shale car

    Totally refurbished  by Hcd ( not been raced sinse the refurb)
    Refreshed Srd engine 8 meeting ago
    Loads of spares to many to list 
    Contact me for more detail

    Price: £7000 | Contact: Andy 07711 478359

  • 12/04 - Bingley Shale Car (2014)

    Good solid, fast car. Newly painted and maintained to highest standards. To come minus engine, box, seat,wing and exhaust with all spares included.

    Currently running Zetec but pinto will fit straight in without any chassis modifications needed.

    May consider selling complete.

    Price: £3500 | Contact: Tom 07789710905

  • 08/02 - 2014 Randall shale car 9/10 meetings from new

    all the right bits in the right places, genuine reason for sale, ready to go with tranx box East lincs engine and all spares, car up to new rules 

    Price: £4500 ono rolling £6500 complete | Contact: Brian on 07971 387833

  • 04/01 - 2012 DP Motorsport Shale F2

    Complete minus Transponder, standard engine with Redline cam, 2 Speed Gearbox, LSD. 3.89, 3.9, 4.1 diffs, full containment DK seat very good condition, £200 worth of wheels, good tyres and spares, very strong and very fast in the right hand, ex graham Mallinson 788 shale car. Engine currently out was going to give it a rebuild. No time to do either now due to my hectic work schedule. Needs the 3rd bar welding in the back for 2016 regs.

    Price: £3000 complete or £2000 minus engine, box & 3.9LSD | Contact: Mark on 07496594350

  • 24/11 - APS - Automotive Plumbing Solutions


    JJC Race and Rally now offer a fully stocked range of APS automotive fittings for all your motorsport and performance plumbing requirements at unbeatable prices.

    All our fittings are 6061 aluminium and CNC machined to meet and exceed aerospace quality, heat treated and anodised for increased durability. For a leak free connection choose APS (Automotive Plumbing Solutions). Visit the JJC Race and rally website to see the full range now.


    Click here for more details

    Price: details on link | Contact: 0844 5760317

  • 24/11 - OMP OS10 Cuff Single Layer Oval / Autograss Fire retardent Suit SFI Approved (Proban)

    OMP Sport OS10 Cuff Single Layer Fire Retardent Oval / Autograss Suit SFI Approved.

    The OMP OS10 Cuff Fire retardent suit is perfect for Autograss racing, oval racing, track days or pit/paddock teams. This suit is single layer, made using a treated woven fabric, Pyrovatex (Treated fire resistant cotton material).  The OS10 Cuff is designed for entry level drivers or team members in the pit/paddock.

    Single layer SFI approved race suits are perfect for British Drift Championship, Brisca, ORCi regulations, Drag racing including super street, rpo mods plus more and also we recommend at least a single layer flame proof suit when Autograss racing.


    ·         Double back pleat for additional comfort

    ·         Elastic stretch lumbar panel

    ·         External pockets

    ·         Driver extraction handles

    ·         Matte finish

    ·         SFI tagged


    SFI Approved


    Available in: Red, Blue Or Black

    Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

    Click here to buy online

    Price: £98.75 +Vat | Contact: 0844 5760317

  • 24/11 - Simpson Hybrid Sport Youth Head & Neck Restraint

    Designed specifically for children who compete the Simpson Hybrid Sport Youth offers the safety parents have been waiting for...

    The only difference to the adult versions is the fact that the tethers are fixed, (non-adjustable) even though they are still sliding. Perfect for children competing in Autograss, Oval Racing etc. Supplied as standard to suit standard FHR posts. A special order option with quick release fittings is available but this must be done at time of ordering as this cannot be retro fitted like the adult versions.


    ·         X-Small Child (4-6Years), 22-26" adjustment

    ·         Child (7-9 Years), 22-26" adjustment

    ·         Youth (9-12 Years), 26-30" adjustment

    Click here to buy online

    Price: From £299.00 Ex Vat | Contact: 0844 5760317

  • 24/11 - RSA Nascar Ultralite 5 Point Harness With 1/2 Price Arm Restraints

    The RSA 5 Point Nascar belt features 3" wide shoulder and lap straps with a 2" wide anti submarine belt. The snap hooks allow the harness to be fitted onto eye bolts positioned in the OE seat belt mounting holes on the car. Fitted with a latch hook type buckle.

    The RSA arm restraints fit the purpose of retaining the driver's arms and hands within the driver's compartment in the event of an accident or roll over.

    Nascar Harness Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Silver or Yellow.

    Arm Restraints Available in Blue, Black or Red

    Save 39%

    Click here to buy online

    Price: Price £60.04 Ex Vat | Contact: 0844 5760317

  • 03/11 - Alpinestars Racewear

    Alpinestars Racewear: suits, boots, underwear and gloves.

    Lots of new products added!

    Click here to see the full range

    Price: on the Link | Contact: or 01592 654136


    Competition Corner Weight Scale System - Max Load 2000Kg

    The only race car Electronic Scale Measurement system to be designed and assembled in the UK

    Fully Calibrated system (Calibrated using certified M1 weights)
    Measures and Displays Total Weight, Cross Weight, Front Axle Weight, Rear Axle Weight, Inside Weight, Individual Corner Weights and
    %ages shown
    Ultra precise Load Cells with  0.05% accuracy

    Displays to 4 significant places (eg displays weights like 136.1 KG's -
    completely unique in this regard!)

    24 Hour System Recalibration turn around service here in the UK - you no longer need to send your scale system all the way back to the USA for calibration!
    Full spares back up service with same day dispatch.
    4x CNC Machined Billet Aluminium loading pads with anti - slip surface 
    Large backlit screen for easy reading, even in direct sunlight
    Cordless! - Supplied with Ni-Cad internal batteries with 12 hours battery life
    Supplied with 230V mains charger/power cable and flexible connecting pad cables
    Centre of gravity automatic calculation function with display on the screen to show the exact car centre of gravity point (unique feature)
    Selectable Display in either Kg or lbs
    Max weight 500KG per pad (2000KG total)
    USB and parallel printer outputs
    STR Branded Product - Trusted Manufacturer
    Designed to meet strict quality control standards

    Price: Special Offer £666 plus the VAT | Contact: 01592 654136 or E mail

  • 26/05 - RS Motorsports Second hand spares

    RS Motorsport, largest stockist of BriSCA F2 second hand spares in the WORLD!!

    Price: POA | Contact: Warren on 07966135460

  • 26/05 - POWER MAXED!!!

    Based in Evesham, Power Maxed covers the whole of the UK and Europe.

    Power Maxed is a revolutionary new range of cleaning solutions designed with one aim, to bring top quality professional results without the high end price tag. With a wide range of products being designed to suit any vehicle including; motorbikes, motor homes, caravans, mountain bikes and more, you can keep any vehicle looking its best with our ready to use or concentrated formulas.

    The costs of running and maintaining any vehicle are going one way, more and more people are looking for affordable solutions every day. Our wide range will not only help the wallet but bring the valet results to you. Power Maxed’s high quality range will clean, enhance, gloss, wax, and protect any vehicles paintwork.

    With Power Maxed our range of products are non caustic, this will ensure that our products won't damage, corrode or burn. Our products have added foam boosters giving you an even better clean and even added waxes giving you a better finish and across our entire range our products are solvent free and even smell great!

    We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing high quality service, with products that bring you showroom results and a team striving to be the best Power Maxed will soon become the only cleaning range you will need.

    To see full details of the Power Maxed Products please visit

    Power Maxed products now also available from 4FS Marketing

    Price: see website for details | Contact: 0871 228 7125

  • 01/05 - Z-tec Sump

    Z-Tec Sump,inc pick up pipe from RS Motorsport. Made to the Highest Standards

    Price: £195 | Contact: Warren on 07966135460

  • 19/03 - Steel Seal

    Head Gasket a bottle!

    Award winning Steel Seal is the simplest, most effective head gasket repair on the market in fact we are so confident Steel Seal will repair your blown head gasket it comes with a no quibble money back guarantee!

    If you are looking for a simple DIY pour in head gasket fix that will save you thousands against a mechanical repair then look no further than Steel Seal head gasket repair.

    Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair creates a seal (as the name suggests) that will set like steel, this will repair the leaks in the cylinder head gasket permanently.

    Steel Seal can be used in all types of vehicles and engines with a water cooling system regardless of whether your vehicle is petrol or diesel. Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair has a solid track record of repairing cars, bikes, vans, pickups, 4x4's, tractors, lorries and was once even used in an aeroplane!

    Click here to buy now

    Price: £39.99 | Contact:

  • 11/02 - Teng Tool Official UK Ebay Shop

    Teng Tools is one of the leading brands in the UK for mechanics hand tools. With distributors in over 40 countries around the world and over 25 years experience of supplying professional quality mechanics hand tools to industrial and automotive technicians and quality discerning diy enthusiasts, Teng Tools has built up a loyal following around the world.

    With a range that covers all the more popular mechanics hand tools, many “Typically Teng” features, value for money pricing and the Teng Tools “Everlasting Power Guarantee” Teng Tools has become the preferred choice of major industrial users, international and national motor racing teams and numerous technicians, engineers and mechanics.


    Click here to go to the ebay shop

    Click here to visit the Official UK Teng Tools website and view the 2015 Catalogue

    Price: as per website | Contact: as per website

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