Micro F2 Fixtures

Season 2019 fixtures for the junior formula - Micro F2s

Sat 09-Mar Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sat 09-Mar Birmingham 4.30pm
Sun 17-Mar Skegness 1.00pm
Sun 17-Mar Lelystad 12noon
Sun 24-Mar St Day 12.30pm
Sat 30-Mar Stoke 2.30pm
Sat 30-Mar Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sun 31-Mar Crimond 12.30pm
Sun 07-Apr Skegness 1.00pm
Sun 07-Apr Mildenhall 12noon
Sun 14-Apr Crimond 12.30pm
Sun 14-Apr Lelystad 12noon
Sat 20-Apr Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sat 20-Apr Birmingham 4.30pm
Mon 22-Apr Buxton 12.30pm
Mon 22-Apr Taunton 12.30pm
Sun 28-Apr Crimond 12.30pm
Sat 04-May Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sun 05-May Skegness 1.00pm
Mon 06-May Taunton 1.00pm
Mon 06-May Skegness 1.00pm
Sun 12-May Crimond 12.30pm
Sat 18-May Stoke 2.30pm
Sun 19-May Lelystad 12noon
Sun 19-May Hednesford 1.00pm
Sat 25-May Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sun 26-May Crimond 12.30pm
Mon 27-May Buxton 12.30pm
Sun 02-Jun Birmingham 12noon
Sun 09-Jun Crimond 12.30pm
Sun 16-Jun Lelystad 12noon
Sun 16-Jun Stoke 12noon
Sun 16-Jun St Day 1.00pm
Sat 22-Jun Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sat 22-Jun Skegness 4.00pm
Sun 23-Jun Buxton 12.30pm
Sun 23-Jun Skegness 12noon
Sun 23-Jun Crimond 12.30pm
Sat 29-Jun Taunton 1.00pm
Sun 30-Jun Aldershot 12noon
Sat 06-Jul Crimond 5.00pm
Sun 07-Jul Crimond 12.30pm
Sat 13-Jul Birmingham 4.30pm
Sat 20-Jul Mildenhall 4.00pm
Sat 20-Jul Taunton 5.00pm
Sun 21-Jul Buxton 12.30pm
Sun 21-Jul Taunton 1.00pm
Mon 22-Jul Onchan, IOM 5.00pm
Thur 25-Jul Onchan, IOM 5.00pm
Sat 27-Jul Onchan, IOM 5.00pm
Sat 27-Jul Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sun 28-Jul Lelystad 12noon
Sun 28-Jul St Day 12.30pm
Sat 03-Aug Stoke 2.30pm
Sun 04-Aug Stoke 12noon
Thu 08-Aug Skegness 7.30pm
Sat 10-Aug Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sun 11-Aug Buxton 12.30pm
Sun 11-Aug Crimond 12.30pm
Tue 13-Aug Taunton 6.00pm
Sat 17-Aug Stoke 2.30pm
Sun 18-Aug Northampton 12noon
Tue 20-Aug Skegness 7.30pm
Sun 25-Aug Leylstad 12noon
Mon 26-Aug Buxton 12.30pm
Mon 26-Aug Taunton 12.30pm
Sun 01-Sep Crimond 12.30pm
Sat 07-Sep Buxton 4.00pm
Sat 07-Sep Birmingham 4.30pm
Sat 14-Sep Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sun 15-Sep Crimond 12.30pm
Sat 21-Sep Stoke 2.30pm
Sun 22-Sep Stoke 12noon
Sun 22-Sep Leylstad 12noon
Sun 22-Sep St Day 12.30pm
Sun 29-Sep Crimond 12.30pm
Sat 05-Oct Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sun 06-Oct Birmingham 12noon
Sun 06-Oct Crimond 12.30pm
Sun 06-Oct Buxton 12.30pm
Sat 12-Oct Skegness 6.00pm
Sun 13-Oct Taunton 1.00pm
Sat 19-Oct Leylstad 12noon
Sun 20-Oct Leylstad 12noon
Sat 02-Nov Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sun 10-Nov Leylstad 12noon

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