2019 National Series

2019 BriSCA F2 National Series



The National Series is now in its third year and one or two additional tweaks have been made for the 2019 competition.  One of the issues over the first two years was the difficulty of giving some potential entrants insufficient time to commit to the series; invitations were issued in some cases only days before the series was due to start. Changes have therefore been made to the 2019 series to try and alleviate such issues.


An update on the BriSCA F2 National Series 2019

The following drivers have qualified for the 2019 National Series, a list of those who have confirmed they will enter.


24 Jon Palmer
101 Kelvyn Marshall
127 Matt Stoneman
183 Charlie Guinchard
184 Aaron Vaight
298 Jake Walker
560 Luke Wrench
606 Andrew Palmer
618 Ben Lockwood
788 Stephen Mallinson
801 Jack Cave
905 Rob Mitchell
995 Michael Lund

Wild Cards (BriSCA F2 offered Wild Card places to drivers who had won the World Final in the last decade, and who were currently licensed and active in the 2019 season)

783 James Rygor - Declined
968 Micky Brennan - Accepted

The first round is at Smeatharpe Stadium, Taunton on Saturday September 28th 2019.

Qualification Criteria

The major change for 2019 is the issuing of invitations to the top three points scorers from the 2018 National Series rather than just the defending Champion.  Subsequently, 7 Gordon Moodie, 647 Chris Burgoyne and 101 Kelvyn Marshall were given the option to be part of the 2019 series.  Invitations have also been made to 226 Billy Webster in recognition of his winning the Grand National Championship and topping the Shale Supreme points chart, and to 24 Jon Palmer in recognition of his winning the Gala Championship.  Webster has declined the invitation, but Palmer has accepted, and thus four names are on the list at the start of the 2019 season.

As last year, a driver can be considered for a seeded entry invitation to the 2019 National Series only if they have raced a minimum of 20 meetings on the BriSCA F2 National Fixture List up to and including 20 August 2019.  Once the grading points table up to and including 20 August 2019 has been compiled, the drivers who have earned qualifying places 1 to 14 (see table below) will be offered those places, and will have a 4 day period to accept or reject; the majority of those drivers will have known for some time that they are eligible for the series and should therefore already be in a position to accept or decline at this time.

For 2019, there will be one further additional place in the National Series for the top points scorer from Northern Ireland, as at 20 August 2019. The driver from Northern Ireland who accepts this invitation into the series will then become ineligible to win the Northern Ireland Points Championship. Should this place be declined then it will not be filled by a UK mainland driver.  Together with the 2019 World Champion, this will make a total of 16 seeded entrants.

In determining drivers who qualify for the National Series as noted Champions, it will be the reigning Champions as at the end of the day on which that year’s World Championship is held.

2019 National Series - Fixtures Composition

Round 1               28 Sep   Taunton               Asphalt

Round 2               29 Sep   Bristol                   Asphalt

Round 3               5 Oct      Stoke                    Shale

Round 4               6 Oct      Sheffield              Shale

Round 5               19 Oct   Birmingham        Asphalt

Round 6               20 Oct   Hednesford        Asphalt

Round 7               26 Oct   Mildenhall           Shale

Round 8               27 Oct   Northampton    Shale

Round 9               2 Nov    Cowdenbeath   Asphalt

Round 10             3 Nov    Skegness             Asphalt

Round 11             10 Nov  Belle Vue             Shale  (Double Points)



At the start of the National Series (28 September), the 16 seeded entrants (15 if no N.Ireland entrant) will automatically be assigned a superstar grade for the National Series rounds.  Any superstar graded driver who is not a seeded entrant, will be demoted to star grade for any National Series round at which they race.


Points Scoring

Drivers will score National Points at all rounds, with double points on offer at the final round staged at Belle Vue.  These will be compiled in a separate table solely for the 16 drivers in the 2019 National Series (15 if no N.Ireland entrant).  The driver with the most points at the end of Round 11 will be declared the winner of the 2019 National Series, and will earn the right to wear the silver roof in season 2020.

The table of qualifiers for the 2019 BriSCA F2 National Series now has a further three entries since the last update – the F2 Nationals Champion, the British Champion and the English Open Champion.


Chronological order of qualification for the 2019 BriSCA F2 National Series







National Series Champion




Runner Up




Third Place




Gala Champion




Ben Fund Champion

19 May



Scottish Champion

1 June



F2 Nationals Champion

8 June

NI 436


British Champion

23 June



English Open Champion

30 June



WCQR points 1st

19 July



WCQR points 2nd

19 July



European Champion

29 July



Shale points 1st

20 August



Shale points 2nd

20 August



World Champion

7 September



Grading points 1st



Grading points 2nd



Grading points 3rd



For positions 10 and 11, WCQR points 1st and 2nd, the final World qualifying points table will be used to fill these two places.  If a driver has already qualified via the criteria for positions 1 to 9, it will be necessary to keep moving down the table until positions 10 and 11 are allocated.  Once positions 10 and 11 have been filled by this method on 19 July, no further changes will be made even if one of the noted drivers subsequently qualifies via positions 12 to 15.

For positions 13 and 14, Shale points 1st and 2nd, the shale points as at 20 August will be used to fill these two places.  If a driver has already qualified via the criteria for positions 1 to 12, it will be necessary to keep moving down the shale points table until positions 13 and 14 are allocated.

Positions 16 onwards, Grading points 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc., will only be used to bring the total number of seeded entrants to 15 if a driver has, or drivers have, qualified more than once in positions 1 to 15.

As Gordon Moodie appears on the list of qualifiers three times, the drivers who fill positions 16 and 17, Grading points 1st and 2nd at 20 August, will each be offered a place in the series.

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