National Series - The Final Elements

The unfortunate loss of the National Series rounds at Sheffield and Mildenhall has led to a review of the remaining elements of the competition.

BriSCA F2 promoters considered the situation, and provided a selection of options and ideas for National Series co-ordinator Sharon Blood to share with the 14 National Series drivers and canvass their feedback.  This process has been on-going during the course of 28/29 October.  The responses from the drivers have now been collated and presented to BriSCA F2 for further consideration. BriSCA F2 is extremely grateful for the assistance given by Sharon, and to the National Series drivers who have been instrumental in ensuring a fair and workable solution to the problems caused by the recent poor weather.  It is recognised that there is no magic solution to all issues, to keep all parties happy, but the input of all drivers has been most helpful.

As noted in the News article - click here - on 7 October, compensatory points will be awarded for the lost round at Sheffield.  The additional points to be awarded for Sheffield will be calculated by totalling each driver’s National Series scores (attendance and points scored) from Stoke (5 October), Mildenhall  (26 October) and Northampton (27 October), and then dividing by 3.  Any fractions will be rounded up.  Having originally advised drivers of this plan on 7 October, BriSCA F2 feels it must continue with that process.

As it is so late in the racing season, it has not been possible to arrange a suitable and workable replacement meeting for the lost round at Mildenhall.  One option that was under consideration would have led to a tarmac round and a shale round on the weekend of 2/3 November, and the same again on the weekend of 9/10 November.  In view of the logistics involved, for drivers to have two different cars at two different surface meetings on the same weekend, this option was unpopular with the majority of drivers in the National Series.

The 2019 National Series will therefore conclude over the remaining three scheduled rounds at Cowdenbeath, Skegness, and Belle Vue, with compensatory points being awarded for the lost Sheffield round as previously advised.

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