National Series Round 4

National Series Round 4 at Sheffield on 6 October unfortunately had to be cancelled due to track flooding.  BriSCA F2 opted not to make an on-the-spot decision regarding the cancelled National Series Round.  However, all drivers in the National Series were informed that an official announcement will be made as soon as possible once all options have been considered.

Promoters have reviewed remaining fixtures and availability of venues, whilst also considering that many drivers, crews and race fans will have made assorted plans for the remaining weeks of October and beyond.

Accordingly, a solution has been reached and agreed to uplift the points scored at the 3 "standard" shale Rounds of the Nationals Series - Stoke (5 October), Mildenhall (26 October) and NIR (27 October) by an additional third, thus compensating for the loss of the fourth "standard" round.  Note that Belle Vue would be excluded as it is already a double points meeting.

For example, a driver scoring 5, 15, and 40 points over these three meetings, 60 in total, would be awarded an additional 20, thus totalling
80... effectively giving him an extra "average" points from those three meetings for the missing fourth one.

In summary:
Round 4 6 Oct Sheffield - CANCELLED
Round 5 19 Oct Birmingham
Round 6 20 Oct Hednesford
Round 7 26 Oct Mildenhall
Round 8 27 Oct Northampton
After Round 8, the compensatory scores from Rounds 3, 7 & 8 will be computed and added to the Current Standings chart
Round 9 2 Nov Cowdenbeath
Round 10 3 Nov Skegness
Round 11 10 Nov Belle Vue (double points Round)

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