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  • 03/04: Grading Periods

    Grading Periods

    The interruption to racing caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has necessitated changes to the effective dates of the 2020 grading periods.

  • 01/04: On This Day

    On This Day

    Enjoy some memories from BriSCA F2's glorious history with the On This Day section

  • 17/03: Season 2020 Points

    Season 2020 Points

    Following recent meetings, various championship points charts have been updated.

  • 17/03: Official Results - March 2020

    Official Results - March 2020

    The official results for March 2020 have been updated.

  • 17/03: Scottish Fixtures Postponed

    Scottish Fixtures Postponed

    In the wake of guidance from the Scottish Government, fixtures at Cowdenbeath and Crimond have been postponed for the foreseeable future.

  • 17/03: ORCi Statement Coronavirus Pandemic

    ORCi Statement Coronavirus Pandemic

    The ORCi have heeded the request from the Government for businesses to act responsibly, and, as such have taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend future race meetings at ORCI venues until such time as guidance from the Government changes

  • 06/03: Official Results - February 2020

    Official Results - February 2020

    The official results for February 2020 have been updated.

  • 27/02: St Day - 8 March 2020

    St Day - 8 March 2020

    Information regarding St Day on 8 March 2020, has been updated

  • 21/02: Technical & Licence Files Updates

    Technical & Licence Files Updates

    The Technical Information section has been updated with new/amended information. (Now includes 2020 Licence Application Form and 2020 Technical Regulations)

  • 16/02: ORCi Safety Equipment Regulations 2020

    ORCi Safety Equipment Regulations 2020

    The latest ORCi Safety Equipment Regulations have been published

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