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968 Micky Brennan – 2009 And All That

It is almost 10 years ago since the 13th September 2009 and it was Micky Brennan’s 21st birthday, he was also on the inside seventh row of the F2 World Final that afternoon, it was to prove a memorable day for the young man who drove the smart 968 car………here, Pete Randall chats to the former double World Champion.

PR: First of all Micky, was 2009 your first World Final race?

MB: No I had been in the year before at Bristol but I crashed out fairly early on.

PR: Do you remember anything about your semi-final race to get you on the grid at all?

MB: Yes it was at Taunton, I was actually winning the race when some yellow flags came out and then I think my inexperience showed up a bit and it lost me the race and I slipped down to fifth, I was happy with that though because it got me on the grid.

PR: What do you remember of World Final day then?

MB: Well it was a very nice day and I felt good anyway because it was my birthday and that, there was a good build-up to the race and before long it was race time, well we started off and Rob Speak wiped out Moodie, Bradbury and some others including himself so that made it easier for the rest of us on the restart. I was lucky really that it was a complete restart as I had actually crashed in amongst all of that lot with Mark Simpson (871), luckily though I had no damage at all so just lined up again a lot closer to the front than I was before!

PR: So, on the restart?

MB: Well I quickly moved into second place but a few car lengths behind the leader which was Robbie Dawson (854), I gradually caught him lap by lap and I knew that I was quicker than him, I caught him around lap 10 and followed him round for another couple of laps, I knew I had to get it right. There was a car parked on turn 4 so I knew if I hit him quite hard on turn 3 he would have to lose momentum to avoid hitting the dead car, on lap 12 I done it and it worked perfectly and I was away and had no more problems really, it was just a case of keeping calm and reeling off the laps.

PR: How calm were you?

MB: The last five laps I was getting nervous and then I took the chequered flag and I had won, I could not believe it, world champion on your 21st birthday, how good is that? I was just so pleased for the team and my family who had helped me so much to get to where I was, just could not have asked for a better race!

PR: How did you find your year as World Champion?

MB: I enjoyed it, I think we done every track during 2010, I think you should try and travel when you have the gold roof.

PR: Then you did it again in 2012?

MB: Yes I won my second title at Barford, in many ways I preferred that win as it was a much harder race, there were a lot of stoppages and I led every one of them off, I did slip down to fourth once but quickly fought my way back to the front, that was one of the most action-packed races I have been in.

PR: You raced quite a lot again in 2013 showing off the gold but in recent times you have not raced so much?

MB: It’s just life really, things and priorities change, I got married, have four kids now, three girls and a boy, bought a house and above all that I am just really busy at work. We own a coach company and it is really hectic most of the time.

PR: You did not qualify from your semi at St.Day, will you be having a go in the consolation semi this weekend?

MB: Yes I plan to do all three days this weekend, I don’t really expect to get through but you never know, I will just enjoy being part of the weekend. I am not taking it at all serious nowadays, I think to take it serious you have to be in the seat racing twice a weekend to be really competitive. I have bought the ex.960 car to have a go in the semi and this weekend and see if I get the bug again, I also have a pretty new shale car that I have only raced a few times.

PR: Do you prefer shale nowadays?

MB: Not really, it is just a location thing, the closest tracks to me are shale!

PR: Do you think you will ever race full time again?

MB: I am not sure really, I still enjoy it, just need some more time! I hope to be racing a bit more next year and then maybe give another good shot in a few years and win another gold roof (lol)!

PR: Well you have done it twice so you certainly know you can do it?

MB: Yes true, as they say better to have been a has-been than a never-was!

PR: Do you have any sponsors you would like to mention?

MB: Yes there is TMR Supplies, Redline engines who have helped a lot, Polleysport Motorsport have helped with tyres and finally C & S Coaches.

PR: If you were a betting man then, who do you think will win the gold?

MB: Well I think you have to say Gordon Moodie, if he gets around the first turn that could be it I think, I hope Andrew Palmer (606) wins it, he has put a lot into the sport over the years.

PR: Anything else you would like to say?

MB: Not really, just good luck to all the completitors.

PR: Thanks for your time Micky, I hope you get through onto the rear of the grid.



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